Energetic Employees with Floww

A company can have the highest ambitions and acquire the latest technology: it is worth nothing without the people who invest their energy in it day by day. Who go to work in the morning feeling motivated and return home in the evening feeling energetic. The more innovative the company, the more attention will be paid to the one crucial condition for a profitable business: employees who feel well. Both at home and at work.

More and more companies acknowledge their own role when it comes to the well-being of their employees. True to the three P’s of sustainable development: People. Planet. Profit. Floww® products and services fit into this seamlessly. Floww® provides more energy, at home, on the road and at work, enabling everyone to feel better and become sustainably deployable.

"When I feel good, I perform better. And this in turn affects my colleagues. "

How does Floww® work exactly?

F loww® products are based on an innovative, patented technology for stress reduction and more energy. Floww® Health Technology generates natural frequencies that are originally present in humans and nature. This enables us to create a natural environment everywhere: around the workplace, in the meeting room, the city, the train, the car and at home. Wherever you are, with Floww® you will experience the same calm feeling as in the midst of nature.

How it works? Floww® technology makes use of the present electromagnetic radiation, coming from devices such as computers and mobile phones. Floww® converts this radiation into a field of natural frequencies, the so-called Floww® Field. Radiation is everywhere nowadays. Floww® is the only one to use this radiation in a positive way to bring more peace and vitality. Working with Floww® is working in a natural environment. In a place that brings energy. And this makes everyone feel better.

For every situation

Floww® has several products to provide extra energy in every situation.
So that everyone can perform at his or her best. This way Floww® creates:

  • A sustainable workplace, with the screenFloww® and the mobileFloww®
  • A sustainable home, with a Home Vitality Analysis and a personal advice about how to create an energetic home environment for you and your family

More energy

Less stress

Sense of calm

"For every office where every employee uses a Floww for mobile and computer we will donate an officeFloww to a school.

That gives us positive energy as well."

Meeting company

The products for a sustainable workplace

The mobileFloww® is the smallest product in the Floww® Health Technology line. Even when you are not using your mobile phone, it emits radiation. With the mobileFloww® this radiation is converted directly into a natural Floww® Field.

A long day behind the computer? With the screenFloww® you will suffer less from fatigue. Place it close to the screen of your computer, tablet or television, so the radiation can be converted into natural frequencies for more peace and vitality.

For natural frequencies on the road.

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