‘Flowwing’ through life

At 23 she is relatively young, “but”, as she says, “my ‘life suitcase’ is already filled with a good dose of experience.” Marissa Klouwer loves to create: started as a choreographer, now mainly focused on new concepts. She dances a lot, does fitness, practices yoga, meditates, gives dance and strength training, followed two university studies, but prefers to help people move forward. Currently through her work as a Pranic Healer; she gives workshops in which people can learn to deal with their energetic body. In addition, Marissa is a source of inspiration for the people in her environment: she leaves something cheerful everywhere she goes. And with the personalFloww in her pocket this is only reinforced …

by Marissa Klouwer

“Everything is energy; why don’t we start looking for the core? If you learn to understand what you consist of, you can use that knowledge practically to live the most valuable life possible!

I always felt that there was more than we can see with the naked eye. I just did not know exactly how I could interpret this. Although I had secretly hoped for it, I didn’t get answers to the questions I thought were important during my studies. How is it that some people make you feel good, while other people drain your energy? How is it that you sometimes already know certain things before they happen? And how is it possible that certain people are more receptive to creativity than other people? All questions that were left unanswered. Until I came into contact with Pranic Healing.

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing gives you tools to experiment with the energetic, invisible body yourself and teaches you skills with which you can make something tangible from elusive energy. My university-trained brain liked this. Finally, validable answers came to my hovering questions. Not only the above questions became clear, but also questions such as: What happens to your body when you meditate? Which yoga positions work on which energy factories and what do certain means do with your energy field? That way I could immediately check what Floww actually did.

By increasing your energetic awareness with the help of Pranic Healing you become more aware of all events around you. That increased sensitivity brings a lot of benefits during healings or during conversations, but outside it is sometimes overwhelming. Especially in the city. Looking for a solution to this new problem I ran into Marc from Floww. And this was a huge gift!

I wish everyone a Floww

Because what Floww does is that it strengthens your own energy field. Literally and figuratively: your inner aura becomes more compact and larger, making it more difficult to be influenced externally. Your resistance is automatically increased. If you carry Floww with you, you are immediately less prone to energies that do not resonate with your own energy field. Radiation from WiFi, for example, is less intrusive and you notice this immediately. But stress energy or other external influences also reflect more easily. The techniques you learn during the Pranic Healing workshop allow you to feel what is happening with your hands. It is bizarre to be able to validate what a difference it makes!

Although there is still a lot that can be researched and there is still a lot to experiment by, for example, testing each energy factory, also known as the ‘chakra’, I am extremely enthusiastic about the benefits of Floww. Just like all my partners and colleagues!

Once you scan, feel and observe what it does to your energetic body, you don’t want to be without it. I wish everyone a Floww! “