The functioning of Floww® products is 100% focused on human sustainability.
All Floww® products work with the radiation energy already present and no batteries or other resources are needed. With normal use, Floww® products will last a lifetime.

Restitution of purchase price

You can return Floww® products (with the exception of the mobileFloww®) under certain conditions and receive a full restitution of the purchase price.
If the product is damaged, it cannot be returned. This is the case when products have (for example):
- scratches
- colour differences
- dents
- water damage
- fall damage

To protect the personalFloww® against scratches and colour differences, you could, for example, keep the product in a soft bag.


Returns are at the purchaser’s own risk. This means that Floww® is not liable for the damage or loss of returned products. Please make sure you always ask for a tracking code at the post office and keep it in a safe place.


A product must be returned within a period of 30 days. This period commences the day after receipt of your article. If you have ordered several items at once, you can return them up to 30 days after receipt of the final product. If you have ordered an item through an external consultant/vendor, other return conditions will apply. If reasonably possible, please return the product in the original packaging.

We also ask you to place the invoice (or a copy of the invoice) in the package.

For a quick and accurate handling of the return, it is important that you first report the item you return through: [email protected].

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