Research into Floww

Floww is involved with a worldwide series of independent investigations that are studying the effectiveness of our products. We are doing this together with (amongst others) Prof. dr. Anna van Wersch, lecturer at Teesside University in the UK and supervised by Prof. dr. Olle Johansson researcher and teacher at the the Karolinska Institute, the largest medical university in Sweden. Research bureau Soffos, specialised in the measurement of the effects of (medical) treatment methods, carried out investigations amongst Floww users.

Cytocam shows effect in blood circulation

Research into operation of Floww® Health Technology pays off.

Users of Floww regularly report how they experience more peace and vitality using the products designed to transform the electromagnetic radiation from devices such as mobile phones into natural body frequencies. - Read more

Research on the effect of Floww® products

Floww International continually invests in research into the effects of Floww® Health Technology, both in terms of the effects on the user, as in terms of the effectiveness of the products. These studies are invariably conducted by authorized agencies and/or scientists. - Read more

EM Radiation expert Prof. Johansson investigates the effect of Floww

The Swedish professor Olle Johansson is regarded worldwide as an authority in the field of electromagnetic radiation. He recently visited Floww® Health Technology in Nuland (The Netherlands) where he witnessed a blood cell test done via a Dark Field microscope. - Read more

"I think the effect of radiation is being underestimated"

Prof. Dr. Anna van Wersch conducted a pilot study

Early 2014, Prof. Dr. Anna van Wersch of Teesside University in Middlesbrough conducted a pilot study into the effect of Floww® Health Technology. For this she first made an extensive literature study on the relationship between radiation and health problems. - Read more

Professor Anna van Wersch Ph.D. tests blood on the effect of mobileFloww®

This video comes from the private archive of Professor Anna van Wersch Ph.D. of the English Teesside University and contains unique images of her husband and herself while testing their blood. This experiment took place as preparation for a larger, similar research into the effect of the mobileFloww®. - Read more


In 2010, Floww® Health Technology products were tested in order to qualify for the mandatory CE-mark (Conformité Européenne), the mark which indicates that products comply with European regulations. In particular, Floww® Health Technology products have to comply with the EMC Directive, in which EMC stands for Electromagnetic Compatibility. - Read more