About Floww

We are an innovative company, founded in 2007, that continuously invests in research and development of our high-quality products. Sustainability of people and planet is an important motivation for us. Our technology is based upon two principles: energy harvesting and biomimicry.

1.  Energy Harvesting – Floww® technology makes clever use of present electromagnetic energy (EMF) to generate a different type of field, like solar panels do. This newly created field is more congruent with nature. No batteries or other power sources are required and the stronger the tech energy, the more powerful the organic field that is produced by Floww.

2.  Biomimicry – we believe all answers are in nature. The science of biomimicry strives to imitate the genius systems of nature in the development and design of products, systems and processes. In Floww® technology this is reflected by use of frequencies one finds in nature which helps to align technology with people and planet.

By combining Energy harvesting with Biomimicry we make tech organic. You will have more fun and a better experience with your laptop and mobile and with other wireless developments. 

Our products bring nature to you, for effortlessly more peace and vitality. As a result, like being in nature, you will become more relaxed and energized. Besides this, in the production and packaging of Floww products maximum use is made of environmentally and people-friendly materials.