About floww

We are an innovative company, founded in 2007, that continuously invests in the continued development of our high-quality products. Sustainability of people and planet is an important motivation for us.

Floww-products work on the already-present electromagnetic energy  and no batteries or other energy-sources are required. Besides this, in the production and packaging of Floww-products maximum use is made of environmentally and people-friendly materials. Finally, in normal use, our products will last you a lifetime.


Floww would like to make the hard, modern world that little bit softer. Our products bring nature to you, giving you peace and vitality. Combined with increased openness and compassion. Because when we are peaceful, we are more relaxed and have more time for ourselves and for others. We open ourselves up and are more capable of enjoying life.

That is Floww as well; Feel Life Open World Wide.