How do the Floww products work?

Floww makes use of elektromagnetic radiation. This electromagnetic energy becomes a power-source, activating all Floww-devices. These then generate a naturally harmonious energy-field that consists of wavelengths comparable with the Schumann Resonances, electromagnetic vibrations in the atmosphere that, according to scientists, contribute to vitality and reinforcement of the autoimmune system.

In fact, Floww uses your mobile phone, computer or other wireless device to create energy fields. Which means that: the stronger the radio emissions in the surroundings – the more powerful the energy field that is generated by Floww.


Is there any evidence that Floww works?

Yes, there is. For some years now Floww has invested in research in which we cooperated with, amongst others, professor Anna van Wersch, who was until recently working on psychological health problems at Teesside University in Middlesbrough, UK (now retired) and professor Olle Johansson of the Swedish Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. An investigation was carried out by professor Can Ince of the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam under the supervision of professor Van Wersch. By using a so-called Cytocam (a camera the size of a ballpoint pen) we were able to see the effects of mobileFloww on the blood-circulation of several test subjects while they were making phone-calls. The effect was significant: blood flowed quicker and with more volume through the arteries, which indicated a better ‘waste disposal’. Download the full research report here.

Research on plants also provided interesting results. An intensive pilot-study on the growth of Boxwood and Flowering Cherry trees showed a definite change in mineral absorption and soil-quality improvements. This is especially significant because with plants there can be no questions of any possible Placebo-effect.


Can I take my personalFloww on the plane?

Our experience with taking a personalFloww through customs and security controls at airports is that it normally doesn’t give any problems. It is, perhaps, advisable to take a Dutch or English personalFloww leaflet with you, just in case you are asked what it is.

If you’re not sure, then just pack it in a suitcase for the cargo hold. Then you can use it on arrival at your destination.