1. How do Floww products work?

The Floww technology is based upon three principles:

Energy Harvesting – Floww technology makes clever use of present electromagnetic fields (EMF) to generate a different type of field, like solar panels do. The technology comprises extraction means for extracting electric power from the present electromagnetic field and transmission means for transmitting another field more aligned with nature. The more powerful the EMF, the stronger the field that is produced by Floww.

Biomimicry – We believe all answers are in nature. The science of Biomimicry strives to imitate the genius systems of nature in the development and design of products, systems and processes. In Floww technology this is reflected by use of frequencies one will find in nature, like Schumann resonances that allow for the creation of natural fields.

Making tech organic – People, animals and plants function better in nature. In Floww technology we have combined patented electrotechnical applications with frequencies you will find in nature e.g. Schumann resonances. This way you have your own piece of nature everywhere you go.


2. What does a Floww product exist of?

Electronic Resonance Circuit
This patented circuit contains generally a capacitor, a resistor and a number of coils with a specific number of copper wire windings.

Information carrier
An essential part in the products is the information carrier which contains frequencies you will find in nature, that are transmitted (e.g. Schumann resonances).


3. What is a Floww field?

In our products we make of use of electromagnetic fields (EMF) as an energy source to generate a field that is more aligned with nature. This field we call the Floww field.


4. Why do you use Schumann frequencies?

The idea is to offer frequencies that resonate perfectly with the human body. As a result, the body (or biological system) will resonate to these frequencies rather than frequencies that are not natural to the body. The Schumann frequencies are present on earth and are pleasant and beneficial for humans and are 7,83 Herz amongst others.


5. Which Floww product should I buy?

The four Floww products all have specific purposes:

1. mobileFloww is for on your mobile phone to make your phone organic.
2. screenFloww is developed for making your computer, laptop or tablet organic.
3. personalFloww is developed for having your own piece of nature where ever you go.
4. homeFloww set is developed for bringing nature into your home.

Together they form a concept to make your life more natural in wireless living.


6. Do I need all Floww products?

The various Floww products complement each other. It is a total concept for natural wireless living. The personalFloww generates a subtle natural field around you, giving you your own piece of nature. The mobileFloww and screenFloww are developed to make mobiles and computers more natural or as we say ‘organic‘, to have a better user experience while using your phone and computer. By making your technical devices natural you will enjoy them more.

If you don’t use a phone, you don’t need the mobileFloww.
If you don’t use a computer or TV on a regular basis, you don’t need a screenFloww.

The homeFloww set brings a natural environment into your house and everyone who lives there enjoys the benefits.
The personalFloww generates a subtle natural field around you, giving you your own piece of nature. The homeFloww set is stronger than the personalFloww and therefore more effective during sleep.


7. Does Floww disturb wireless applications?

No. This is also tested by a notified body authorised by the European Union to verify if products comply with European Directives for Electromagnetic Compatibility.


8. Is there any evidence that Floww works?

Yes, there is. For some years now Floww has invested in research in which we cooperated with, amongst others, professor Anna van Wersch, who was until recently working on psychological health problems at Teesside University in Middlesbrough, UK (now retired) and professor Olle Johansson of the Swedish Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. An investigation was carried out by professor Can Ince of the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam under the supervision of professor Van Wersch. By using a so-called Cytocam (a camera the size of a ballpoint pen) we were able to see the effects of mobileFloww on the blood-circulation of several test subjects while they were making phone-calls. The effect was significant: blood flowed quicker and with more volume through the arteries, which indicated a better ‘waste disposal’. Download the full research report here.

Research on plants also provided interesting results. An intensive pilot-study on the growth of Boxwood and Flowering Cherry trees showed a definite change in mineral absorption and soil-quality improvements. This is especially significant because with plants there can be no questions of any possible Placebo-effect.


9. Can I take my personalFloww on the plane?

Our experience with taking a personalFloww through customs and security controls at airports is that it normally doesn’t give any problems. It is, perhaps, advisable to take a Dutch or English personalFloww leaflet with you, just in case you are asked what it is.

If you’re not sure, then just pack it in a suitcase for the cargo hold. Then you can use it on arrival at your destination.


10. How long does delivery take and how do you handle returns?

When ordered before 16:00 hours, the product will be sent by our delivery partner the following work day. The exact delivery time depends on the country you are ordering from. Especially now with the current state of worldwide logistics, it may take a couple of days to arrive depending on traffic and customs. If you’d like to return an order you have received, you can do so within 30 days of purchase, if the product is completely undamaged.