Managementcoach and health pioneer Daniël Zavrel never leaves home without his personalFloww

Daniël Zavrel coaches (top) managers in business and top sport organizations. He makes use of innovative, pioneering health technology among other things. That is how he views Floww technology, of which he himself is a grateful user. “From my own experience I know what Floww does. I’m in top shape; I exercise, practice yoga and I meditate … I lead, in short, a healthy life, but I am very sensitive. As a coach I often visit companies. There are usually computers and Wi-Fi is used. I noticed that more and more I had a headache and a feeling as if my head was filled with cotton wool. And I got tired faster and faster. I was not feeling well at home anymore, slept very badly. But when I was outside, in nature, it didn’t bother me. That led to the conclusion that my complaints were caused by radiation. I then spent thousands of euros on all kinds of people and things that promised me a better life, but without results. Until someone told me about the existence of Floww. In the meantime I was pretty skeptical about all these things, but then I was allowed to try a personalFloww for three weeks for free and I thought, “Why don’t I try that.” That was a revelation. With Floww I feel like I am in nature. Really amazing. I never forget my personalFloww. It is on my checklist when I go out; key, wallet, telephone and personalFloww. ”