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Groeibalans Research Netherlands 2011
Effect on plants: In 2011, research was started into the effects on Buxus and Prunus. Both crops are of great economic importance in tree cultivation and suffer from disease problems. In this study the effects on the growth & development of the crop were examined after the application of Floww products. The aim of the trials was to see and measure the effects of the treatments with Floww products.

Conclusion: Clearly visible improvement in the absorption of minerals (CA, Mg, S and P) and soil improvement. This intensive research has made direct influences visible, especially in the field of mineral absorption and soil improvement. Both effects have been demonstrated by, among other things, plant sap analyzes and soil chromates. In particular, the recording improvement of hard-to-record main elements such as Ca. Mg, S and P indicated improvement when using Floww.

Hübner study, The Netherlands,  2013

Articlel published in the ‘Book of the 6th International Scientific Conference ‘Knowledge and responsibility for changing and developing health care to meet growing demand for health care provision’, Proceeding of Lectures with Peer Review, 6th-7th June 2013, Slovenia’

Effect on blood circulation in humans: research on the effects of Floww on blood circulation. When using Floww, the blood circulation was significantly better in quality and speed, which means that toxins may be removed better.  

Conclusion: This study aimed to investigate the effects on red blood cell aggregation of a mobile phone with and without Floww technology in untreated peripheral blood. Due to preconditions, no statistical significance could be calculated. The observers indicated that they observed a trend-like difference in the results.

The results also showed that there was a big difference in the aggregation of red blood cells with and without Floww technology. The study and other independent tests have further shown that Floww technology appears to be able to reduce red blood cell aggregation.


The above figures show the degree of blood clotting (the stacking of blood cells on top of each other) without the use of Floww (5.1B) and with the use of Floww (5.1C).

Consequently, it is demonstrated that EMF alters the blood clotting mechanism, and reversal is possible by using Floww: M. Hübner, Humaniversity.

Professor van Wersch – BSc, MSc, PhD, Professor at Teesside University UK and Professor Can Ince – PhD, & Professor Clinical Physiology at Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam 

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam and Teesside University, UK 2016

This study takes a closer look at the above research and looks at the positive effects of Floww on the blood circulation of people before and after calling, with and without Floww technology.

The investigation was done with a Cytocam incident dark field camera placed under the ear and filmed while the participants were on the phone.


Conclusion: The displaced blood volume is much greater with the use of Floww when using a mobile phone, and even better than before. More volume of blood flow means that the blood cells can carry more oxygen to the human body:

The effect was significant: blood flowed quicker and with more volume through the arteries, which indicated a better ‘waste disposal’.


SOFFOS Research

Soffos is specialized in measuring the effectiveness of medical methods and applications.

Zwijndrecht, Netherland 2012

Health research among Floww users in the Netherlands. The effects of Floww have been measured on: physical functioning; vitality; change in health; social functioning; emotional functioning, general health; mental health and absence of pain.

A validated Quality of Life questionnaire was used for this study.

Based on a validated Quality of Life questionnaire, a significant improvement in Quality of Life can be seen after 4 months.
The results indicate that after a four month period all observed changes were positive“.